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Microsoft Device Emulator 9.0

The NE2000 emulator's binding to a host network adapter
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Microsoft Device Emulator 2.0 is the second publicly released version of the Device Emulator for ARM-based Devices.
This emulator is also being released with the Windows Mobile 6 SDK and the Adaptation Kit (AK) releases of Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Embedded CE 6.0.
Device Emulator 2.0 release contains the same executables and DLLs as the 1.0 release that came with Visual Studio 2005.
Greatly improved performance at executing ARM instruction - reduces cold-boot time and improves application execution speed
High-resolution input:
On TabletPC machines - Tablet Ink is passed into the guest OS at high resolution (1024x1024)
When Zoom 2x is enabled, the input resolution is doubled
Ability to change more emulator options on-the-fly:
The NE2000 emulator's binding to a host network adapter
The /funckey value

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